Pre-pregnancy teeth cleaning to avoid premature delivery

Pregnancy-related concerns

Gum infections affecting your body

Studies have shown that periodontal infections (gum infections) can affect systemic health. That means gum infections are related to diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health issues. This means gum infections also do affect the overall health of the expecting mother in many ways. Pregnancy causes many hormonal changes which increase the risk of the expectant mother developing gingivitis (inflammation of the gum tissue) and periodontal disease in the mouth.

Poor gum health

It all starts with poor gum health! Hormonal fluctuations during these times can take a more serious toll on your oral health like gum inflammation, swelling of gums, or pregnancy tumor. But why does this actually happen?

Gum inflammation

Mouth becomes a bacterial reservoir

Hormonal fluctuations and increases in the progesterone and estrogen levels make it favorable for the bacteria to multiply in the mouth. These bacteria are known to cause pregnancy gingivitis in roughly 60–70% of pregnant women.

Bacteria targets the uterus

Bacteria from your mouth can enter your bloodstream and make their way to your baby within no time. When it does make its way to your baby, it releases toxins that target your uterus as well as your baby. This may lead to problems later on in life for both you and your child.

How does it cause premature birth?

Increased levels of bacteria in the mouth would mean increased levels of endotoxins released by them. Endotoxins released by (Prevotella intermedia, P gingivalis, and P. melaninogenica) these bacteria stimulate the production of cytokines and prostaglandins in the mother’s blood that stimulates labor pro-inflammatory mediators. These inflammatory mediators then cross the placenta and can cause fetal toxicity which leads to premature delivery.

How does teeth cleaning help?

The bottom line

All the above-mentioned reasons for the premature delivery of the baby are related to poor oral hygiene. Thus pre-pregnancy teeth cleaning to maintain good oral hygiene throughout the rest of the pregnancy keeps the bacteria levels down and reduce the risk of preterm labor.

  • Pre-pregnancy dental care is important to keep your teeth and gums healthy for the sake of your future baby.
  • Dental care before pregnancy is a must as most dental treatments and procedures cannot be done during the pregnancy phase and most emergencies cannot be dealt with due to the risk of harming the baby.
  • Pregnancy causes a lot of hormonal changes and affects the oral health of the expecting mother.
  • Pregnancy gingivitis and periodontitis (gum infections during pregnancy) could increase the risk of pre-mature childbirth.
  • Poor oral hygiene increases the levels of bad bacteria in the mouth, which enter the bloodstream of the baby and can cause premature childbirth.
  • Getting a pre-pregnancy teeth cleaning keeps bacterial levels in check and does not allow them to enter the mother’s bloodstream and avoids premature delivery.
  • Keep your mouth healthy to keep your baby healthy.



Dental Dost is a genuine, informative content platform where all the articles are written by dental experts. Read more about your oral health and talk to us!

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Dental Dost

Dental Dost

Dental Dost is a genuine, informative content platform where all the articles are written by dental experts. Read more about your oral health and talk to us!