FizzFreeFeb Contest: Make healthy drink for fabulous oral health

Rules and regulations of the fizzfreefeb contest are:

  1. A beverage is to prepared using NO added sugar/sweeteners/alcohol. You can use natural sugar like honey and fruits.
  2. No use of fizzy substances like soda.
  3. Use of mixer, blender, and juicer is allowed.
  4. The beverage is to prepared at home and brought at the venue.
  5. Minimum quantity should be at least 250ml
  6. Prior registration for the event is required (From 12th Feb to 19th Feb)
  7. Registration is FREE and should be done at
  8. One team can have multiple participants. Solo entry is allowed as well.
  9. Only one beverage per team is allowed.
  10. Write your recipe on a piece of paper which includes the following:
  • Participants name
  • Team name
  • Beverage name
  • Ingredients
  • A recipe, which can be written in Hindi/ English/ Marathi



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